Monday, December 1, 2008

If you are outside at all today...LOOK UP AND LOOK FOR THE MOON! What may look like two bright stars behind the moon are actually planets. Yup...Tonight Monday December 1, 2008 Jupiter and Venus will aline with the moon tonight to form a spectacular sight. Tonight, from the naked eye the celestial objects will be as close as we'll ever see them until 2052! You shouldn't be scared or anything; it's just an illusion of perspective. The moon is still 251,400 miles away.Venus is 93.2 million miles away, and Jupiter isn't remotely close to us at 540.3 million miles away! For those of you who will unfortunately miss the extravaganza tonight... I'll take pictures, and post them later on tonight. Gotta get back to class!
Trevor Winston Lee


Anonymous said...

Check this:

Kamilah said...

i remember that night
i felt like i could touch the moon!