Monday, April 28, 2008

Rising Down

Tomorrow (April 29, 2008) Rising Down starring The Roots will hit stores. I am really excited about this CD not only because of The Roots but because it has a lot of my favorite artist featuring on the album. We got Common, Talib Kweli, Mos Def, Styles P, and Chrisette Michele! Yeah this album should be crazy, so make sure you check it out.
History Lesson
The album cover was inspired by Norman E. Jennette. This picture was originally a cartoon illustrated and published in the Raleigh News And Observer. The drawing was called Negro Rule. It portrayed how the Confederate Union felt about freed slaves. They believed that if freed blacks obtained power it would only lead to complete chaos for the entire country. It doesn't surprise me that The Roots would be the one group that have some type of meaning to their album cover!
Peace Trevor Winston Lee

Ben Tour

Twenty nine year-old Toronto born artist Ben Tour, has one of the most profound styles that I have ever seen. With his long intensive process for each painting, it is not hard to see the intricate detail that goes into each work of art. "It's all in the eyes", Ben Tour says in his interview with Matthew Newton and Juxtapoz Magazine. You can't help but be hypnotized by the large pupils, long eyelashes, and the talking eyebrows that tell a story of their own. Currently one of my favorite artists, Ben Tour's artwork portrays an imagination that is endless. Click here to see more of his works.
Peace, Trevor Winston Lee

Friday, April 25, 2008

Piece of Mind

I'm curious to see the first movie that I know of, that portrays the world of graffiti. Piece of Mind (yes I meant piece) is a documentary capturing two years in the life of four LA native graffiti artists. The documentary filmed by Evan Romoff and Keegan Gibbs captures what it is like to make a name for yourself in this competitive culture. With the use of two cameras (16mm and a Super 8mm) and several video formats, the raw uncut feel is definitely there. The release date for the DVD was just this previous Sunday (April 20, 2008.) I have not found exactly where you can purchase the film yet, but as soon as I find out, I will let you guys know.
Peace Trevor Winston Lee

Thursday, April 24, 2008

WESC 2.0

Swedish made WESC headphones are at the top of the competition when it comes to design. I hate to say it but, those all white ipod headphones have gotten played out. I have noticed that during these times, swagga jackin is "not in." WESC are the makers of some very popular street wear, and they have crashed this reputation full speed into some.....headphones! Although project options were endless, this move to give headphones that same swagger that your wardrobe has actually is working. After reading some of the comments of people who have purchased the headphones, it is hard to tell the headphones' worth. Comments varied from, "not that good!" to, "they're freakin awesome!" As far as the design goes, WESC has created something I like to call brilliant!
Peace Trevor Winston Lee

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Get Em Bush!

This is what happens when you let a hustla (George Bush), get a hold of oil. It's iight though, those twelve years are almost done. Peace Trevor Winston Lee

Amazing! Jeff Beck

I'm Confused

My brother recently sent me this video, which shows Rendell (Clinton's biggest supporter and a super delegate) speaking so highly of Farrakhan and the Nation of Islam. My brother brought up the point that when Reverend Wright (Senator Obama's pastor) does the same thing Senator Obama is forced to denounce or reject (as Senator Clinton likes to put it) support given from Farrakhan. I'm just so confused how as long as the support does not come out of Hilary's mouth that its fair game!!! See the video below to watch another forced position Senator Obama was put in once again on the topic of Farrakhan.
Peace Trevor Winston Lee

Thursday, April 17, 2008

The Greatest Silence

Village Woman-"We have forgot what happiness is." The HBO Documentary "The Greatest Silence, Rape In The Congo" is ONDEMAND under HBO Specials until May 11, 2008. Can't even type peace after this one! Trevor Winston Lee

Politics As Usual

The most interesting thing about this video is that it is entirely in Senator Clinton's own words. There are a couple of questions asked by some reporters, but the evidence is entirely given by Senator Clinton. Clearly you know who my vote is for, but if you are undecided on who you want to vote for Safehaven can help. Check out the Video Theater at the bottom of the page. It has some political debates with both Senator Obama, and Senator Clinton. I am not trying to tell you who to vote for, I just simply ask you to do your research!
Peace Trevor Winston Lee

Monday, April 14, 2008

Obama08 Campaign Internships

The Barack Obama Campaign is currently offering internships to whoever is interested. Your local campaign office will be glad to have you aboard. If interested I would be happy to email you an intern sign up form. If you don't think you have time available to be an intern you can always volunteer to help get the vote out. I can also email you a volunteer sign up form as well. Any support is better than no support. If you are unable to contribute to the movement, I ask that you simply help get out the vote. For me personally, April 22, 2008 (Election day) will be one of the most important days that I will have lived on this earth, so please everybody, get out and vote.
Email: Peace Trevor Winston Lee

Friday, April 11, 2008

Kobe's HyperDunk Sneaker

I guess Kobe just said forget the commercials, and just give me the camera. The best advertising I have seen for a sneaker in all my life. Peace Trevor Winston Lee

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Married To The Mob NYC

Ladies if you aren't familiar with "Married To The Mob NYC" fashion then I'm sure you will fall in love with it now! Founder Leah from New York City named the label "MOB" (Most Official Bitches) after her crew of bad ass friends who always had her back. Leah says, "New York is a city where you are only as strong as your crew!" After getting some ideas together, the rest was history. Married To The Mob NYC has been around for over two years now, and they are showing no signs of slowing down. Check out there website where you can find more of their amazing masterpieces! I tried to make a link for you guys, but it wasn't working. So unfortunately for the first time my viewers have to do a little work! Safehaven says sorry!
Peace, Trevor Winston Lee

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Live at Woodstock 1969

I had a serious talk with my homie Dan last night. After telling him how much I was feeling a certain guitarist he told me, "Trevor, don't you ever think any guitarist is better than Jimi f@#kn Hendrix! I mean.......... he was so right! Hope you guys like the videos! Lol I can't believe he lit the guitar on fire! lmao!
Peace Trevor Winston Lee

The X Files

Listening to brother Malcolm during this debate simply amazes me on how someone can completely master the art of speech. While receiving some very difficult questions to answer, not once did brother Malcolm show any type of emotion other then a confident grin. When confronted with questions about prejudices being inflicted on his people, Malcolm's attitude was not threatening or intimidating other than the sense that he was more knowledgeable on topics than the other gentlemen at the debate. He was able to undermine the character of anyone you challenged him. For someone to undergo a complete metamorphosis like brother Malcolm truly amazes me. He was a true subverter, overthrowing ever question presented to him in such fluent fashion. Brother Malcolm was a true class act.
Peace Trevor Winston Lee

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Ever Thought About Salad

If you can finish watching this video, leave a comment and tell me how you feel. Peace, Trevor Winston Lee


ACD Tshirts If interested hit me up via email! Peace

Dream On Dreamers

Ayo Dreamer, keep your head up I know, you feel weak But unlike them we dream even when we're not asleep! Ya see, they only swing on that sure thing but our ambitions rely on wishin so keep dreamin my brother... and keep wishin my sista... because you gotta close your eyes and dream to even get a glimpse at this... what they say, "bigger picture" but you'll be iight, because I'm right here witcha! still dreamin still dreamin still dreamin on these bitches! so tell them to do what they do and tell them to give you back your sheets and keep dreamin, keep dreamin until you fall asleep
Written by, Trevor Winston Lee (ACD A Certified Dreamer) Inspired by, Langston Hughes

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Brother Ali

Myspace: Don't judge a book by its cover! Brother Ali sends a serious message! Check out the video below!

Remember April 4th 1968

Forty years ago a man who has reached majestic heights for the black community was assassinated. Baptist minister Martin Luther King Jr. stood for change, equality, and love for all people regardless of race. With every word Dr. King spoke he hoped and prayed that a better tomorrow would be attainable. Dr. King worked vigorously, engulfing his mind with a method to ensure a positive fight against segregation, discrimination, and disgusting prejudices that not only African Americans face, but all minorities even till this day. I will not let April 4th pass me by without reflecting on how truly amazing this man was. I am thankful not only for Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., but for the uprising of a race that was left languished in the pits of society. Peace, Trevor Winston Lee

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Your Tax Dollars

US Soldier throws puppy off cliff - Watch more free videos

WWD (What War Does)

U.S. military killed in Iraq: 3,973 Number of U.S. troops wounded in combat since the war began: 29,203 Iraqi Security Force deaths: 7,924 Iraqi civilians killed: Estimates range from 81,632-1,120,000

Internally displaced refugees in Iraq: 3.4 million Iraqi refugees living abroad: 2.2-2.4 million Iraqi refugees admitted to the U.S.: 3,222

Number of U.S. soldiers in Iraq: 155,000 February 2008: 9,895 September 2006: 18,000 November 2004: 25,595 I guess they think they're making progress! =[

Army soldiers in Iraq who have served two or more tours: 74% Number of Private Military Contractors in Iraq: 180,000 Number of Private Military Contractors criminally prosecuted by the U.S. government for violence or abuse in Iraq: 1 Number of contract workers killed: 917

The bill so far: $526 billion Cost per day: $275 million Cost per household: $4,100 The estimated long-term bill: $3 trillion

What $526 billion could have paid for in the U.S. in one year: Children with health care: 223 million or Scholarships for university students: 86 million or Head Start places for children: 72 million

Cost of 22 days in Iraq could safeguard our nation's ports from attack for ten years. Cost of 18 hours in Iraq could secure U.S. chemical plants for five years.

Peace, Trevor Winston Lee