Monday, March 31, 2008


Uhhh yeah, Thats what the moon looks like when your laid back relaxing in the North Pole! Seriously! LOL A true Safehaven

Darian Dauchan

I mean, Darian really just told you why you gotta love Barack Obama! What more can I..... I mean what more can he say! Peace, Trevor Winston Lee

Ayo! Bring It Back!

If you need a good laugh, check out my main man Barack Obama in the latest issue of Newsweek Magazine. You get an inside look at the political superstar before all the stardom. There is some pretty good information that you probably never knew, so check it out!
Peace, Trevor Winston Lee

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Mean Magazine

If you love art, photography, and real interviews with "real people" then MEAN magazine is for you! Every page captures you demanding more attention than the previous page. With its crisp portfolio feel complimenting its high end look, I almost forgot about the $5.95 I spent for it! You can get a subscription with twelve issues for twenty five bucks. If you have not got your hands on an issue yet, then you have to check it out! This months issue talks about, "The High-Heeled Mind of Kate Beckinsale" and "The Outsider" Sam Rockwell. I was simply blown away by the photography done by Kurt Iswarienko. Enough talking though. Check it out for yourself!
Website: Peace, Trevor Winston Lee

Friday, March 28, 2008

Butterfly Effect Starts In Tibet

It is not hard for one to believe that the problems being presented in Tibet will have some type of effect on this years Olympics in Beijing. If you don't know, Beijing remains confident in saying Tibet has been historically apart of China. The problem is Tibetans say that the Himalayan region has been independent for hundreds of years. There where about one thousand protesters wrapped in bandages and covered with fake blood as shown in the first picture. Something tells me that this years torch to the games with have to be a strong flame to overcome this storm. If you want to get more of the story click the link below!
Tibet media tour Video Link: Peace, Trevor Winston Lee