Thursday, October 18, 2007

If Only They Knew!

Earlier this afternoon, I came across some interesting conversation amoungst some pretty cool people I met in the book store. I couldn't help but be amazed by this crazy commercial that was supposedly shot before the whole "AIDS" epidemic. It was called the "AYDS" diet plan! Yes I know, AIDS and AYDS are spelled two totally different ways, but it sounds horrible. I was sitting at my computer shocked. I could not laugh, respond, or react at all. It was just one of those things you see that just makes you say, "WHAT!" Peace, Trevor Winston Lee

See It For Yourself!

Thursday, October 11, 2007

The El

I am a Philadelphia native; I have been living here all of my life. Glancing through the "Philadelphia Weekly" I was taken back by a phenomenal artist. David Kessler, previously a painting major at Montclair State in New Jersey, has taken up a one year project (2007) here in Philadelphia. His subject, "The El." In 1922 the El train was built. The train led a path into the very core of Kensington. This train was built to transport employees to the many factories which once stood in Philadelphia. Underneath the shadows of the train tracks which stand high above inner city philadelphians lies an entire world of its own. Day after day David Kessler captures this world on his Sony Handicam and tripod. He films everything from the life of a prostitute, to hard working parents. I visited his blog almost immediately after I read the article, and it is intense. His filming technique is almost addictive! See it for yourself at ( Pay his blog a visit; I doubt you will be disappointed. Peace, Trevor Winston Lee Article Reference: Philadelphia Weekly Video

What is my bio?

What is my bio? I try to be a safe haven from this crazy life we all live. When you are in my company, I try to make you forget; Forget about all the drama, stress, and people who try constantly to accentuate your day. Basically, I thought I could put a blog together for those who try to get away. This blog will be a base of normality. Everyone has their natural areas of interest on the internet, and this blog does not have to be one of them! Just know, you are most certaintly welcome to make it your safe haven; just as I have. Peace, Trevor Winston Lee