Thursday, January 8, 2009

Since Barack Obama is our new President it is very important that we listen closely to bills that will be passed, plans for the economic crisis, and decisions made about our troops who are away at war. This "AYO" image is a way that Safehaven215 can show you that Barack Obama is talking about something that you should be listening to. My first "AYO" post on Barack Obama is just the video today in Virginia. Barack basically made everyone aware of how serious this economic crisis is. He made it very clear of what and will not be tolerated in the next four years, and most importantly he talked about how the decisions that will be made are in the best interest of the American people. The speech was scheduled today at 11:00am, but you can catch it again on CNN at 2:00pm; they are replaying it for anyone who missed it. If you don't check out my blog until after 2:00pm then you can just watch it below! You know I got you guys!
Trevor Winston Lee

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