Monday, December 29, 2008

When the levees were broken from Hurricane Katrina in 2005 there was a town called Algiers Point that underwent tragic occurences . A militia of about 15 to 30 men and women took it upon themselves to use pick up trucks, shotguns, and family dogs to patrol the neighborhood. The militia targeted people who they thought were theives, outlaws, or as one member of the militia put it, "anyone who didn't belong". They blocked main roads that led into the town with trees that were pulled straight out of the ground from the storm. One member of the militia describes it as, "great." He continued saying, "It was like pheasant season in South Dakota. If it moved, you shot it." I'm sure you're thinking to yourself; how can something like this happen, but it did, and the scary part is that people actually enjoyed this horrific time at Algiers Point. Click here for more information on Algiers Point. I left a little video below so everyone can see it for themselves. It's pretty graphic so watch it at your own risk. I'm curious to hear what everyone has to say about this! Give me some feedback!
Trevor Winston Lee


Lysha B. said...

my initial reaction was shock. Is this real? Are these stories real? I mean I know racism still exist, but are people really this ruthless?? To leave a mans body out on the streets for 2weeks? Or a man's burned body in a car BEHIND THE POLICE STATION?
C'mon man! Where is the justice in that? I'm curious to know the justification behind these actions..smh..

Prospector said...

Thanks for keeping this story alive. I don't understand
how so few of our people are outraged about this miscarriage of justice. However few we are, we should never let it rest until the perpetrators and corrupt officials are rooted out and held accountable.

I did a blurb on this on my blog back in Feb. 2008
after I watched a youtube series on Malik Rahim and (Common Ground Collective) called, Welcome to New Orleans
Rembering Katrina

Have you heard the Davey D podcast or other reports regarding
The Massacre on The Danziger Bridge?

I really enjoy your content and I'll be glad to link to my blog.

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