Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Fresh out of sociology class, and my professor blessed us with this film called "Reel Bad Arabs" featuring Dr. Jack Shaheen. Dr. Jack Shaheen wrote the book "Reel Bad Arabs" which I am going to grab very soon. Basically the film shows how the silverscreen constantly portrays Arabs and Palestinians as villians, theives, rapest, terrorist, and anything else that can represent evil in some way. I suggest you check out the film, and open your eyes to what we as Americans have become so numb to. I left a little sample for you below.
Trevor Winston Lee

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Lysha B. said...

wow.. this is powerful

There was a conversation about this same topic on the Bill Maher show that comes on HBO.

It was the episode that featured Ben Affleck. Ben brought up the point: At one of the McCain rally's when a elderly woman said she wouldn't vote for Obama because he's an Arab and McCain responded by saying, "No, he's not, he's a good guy."

As if Arab equals bad guy...smh

Good post.